Trojan Battery Literature
Solar AGM Flyer ENGLISH Deep-Cycle Gel Line Product Sheet ENGLISH | SPANISH
Renewable Energy Brochure ENGLISH | SPANISH | ARABIC Premium Line Product Sheet ENGLISH | SPANISH
Smart Carbon Tri-Fold Brochure ENGLISH Signature Line Product Sheet ENGLISH | SPANISH
RE Product Specification Guide ENGLISH | SPANISH Industrial Line Product Sheet ENGLISH | SPANISH
Battery Maintenance Log ENGLISH


Data Sheets

Signature Line Flooded

6 Volt Deep-Cycle Flooded Batteries – with T2 Technology™
T-605 T-105 T-105 Plus T-125 T-125 Plus T-145 T-145 Plus TE35 J250G J250P
J305-AC J305G-AC J305P-AC J305H-AC J305HG-AC L16E-AC L16G-AC L16P-AC L16H-AC L16HG-AC
L16P L16H                
8 Volt Deep-Cycle Flooded Batteries – with T2 Technology™
DC-8V T-875 T-890 Ranger™ 160          
12 Volt Deep-Cycle Flooded Batteries – with T2 Technology™
24TMX 27TMX 27TMH 30XHS 31XHS T-1260 Plus T-1275 T-1275 Plus J150 J150 Plus
J185E-AC J185G-AC J185P-AC J185H-AC J185HG-AC DC-500ML        
36 Volt Deep-Cycle Flooded Batteries – with T2 Technology™

Premium Line Flooded

Deep-Cycle Flooded Batteries – with T2 Technology™
T-105 RE L16RE-A L16RE-B L16RE-2V J200-RE          

Industrial Line Flooded

Deep-Cycle Flooded Batteries – with T2 Technology™
IND9-6V IND13-6V IND17-6V IND23-4V IND27-2V IND29-4V IND33-2V      

Deep-Cycle AGM

Deep-Cycle Reliant™ AGM Batteries – COMING SOON
T105-AGM J305-AGM L16-AGM T875-AGM T1275-AGM J185-AGM
Deep-Cycle Solar AGM Batteries – NEW
SAGM 06 220 SAGM 06 315 SAGM 06 375 SAGM 08 165 SAGM 12 135 SAGM 12 205
Deep-Cycle AGM Batteries
U1-AGM 12-AGM 22-AGM 24-AGM 27-AGM 31-AGM 60AH-12V  5SHP-AGM TE35-AGM      

Deep-Cycle GEL

Deep-Cycle Gel Batteries
6V-GEL TE35-GEL 8D-GEL 24-GEL 27-GEL 31-GEL 5SHP-GEL      


User’s Guides


Industrial User’s Guide ENGLISH | SPANISH Single-Point Watering Kit User’s Guide ENGLISH | SPANISH
Trojan Battery User’s Guides ENGLISH | SPANISH | CHINESE | ARABIC




Competitive Testing 
Industrial Line (flat plate) vs. 2V OPzS (tubular)
ENGLISH Battery’s Industrial IND29-4V vs. Rolls
Battery’s Industrial 4KS25P 
Flooded Lead Acid Battery IEC 61427 Test
Report for Trojan’s Premium Line 
ENGLISH Capacity Testing of Rolls S-600 (4000 Series) And 6CS17P (5000 Series) Batteries Whitepaper ENGLISH
27-AGM IEC 61427 Test Results ENGLISH Flooded Lead Acid Battery IEC 61427 Test
Report for Trojan’s Industrial Line Whitepaper


Battery Warranties


Renewable Energy Product Line Warranty ENGLISH | SPANISH


Safety Data Sheets

The following data sheets provide information regarding the chemical content of Trojan batteries.

This information is in compliance with the “Community Right to Know Act” and the “Hazard Communication Standard” of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States of America:


Flooded / Wet Lead Acid Batteries ENGLISH | SPANISH | DUTCH Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries ENGLISH | SPANISH | DUTCH
Moist-Dry Lead Acid Batteries ENGLISH | SPANISH


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Case Studies

Trojan’s deep-cycle batteries are used by customers in a variety of markets for a wide range of applications including renewable energy, golf cars, utility vehicles, NEVs, aerial work platform and lift access, floor scrubber and sweeper, transportation and recreation.  Read more about how Trojan batteries are providing Clean Energy for Life.


MarketLogo_RE Solar Powered Telecom
India, Nicaragua, and Peru
MarketLogo_RE Rural Electrification
Isla Bella Vista, Ecuador
 MarketLogo_RE Rural Electrification
Thomonde Hospital, Central Region, Haiti
MarketLogo_RE Off-Grid Solar
Spice Village Resort, Kerala, India
 MarketLogo_RE Rural Electrification
Las Lajas, Nicaragua
MarketLogo_RE Rural Telecom
VSAT Networks, Peru
 MarketLogo_RE Off-Grid Solar
City of Joy, Democratic Republic of the Congo
MarketLogo_RE Solar Street Lighting
Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
 MarketLogo_RE Solar Powered ATMs
Diamond Bank, Nigeria