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the beast.

Elevate your golf car to legendary status with the Trojan® GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Golf Battery. Just a simple battery change will have you going farther, climbing higher, accelerating faster and charging quicker. Try it today. And unleash the hidden potential in your golf car.

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RANGE: Built to go the distance. And then some.

Travels Farther: Drive 45 to 60 miles on a single charge with a 3-lithum-ion battery configuration.*

And then some: Goes up to 15% farther than other leading GC2 lithium-ion batteries.**

Worry Free: Always see how far you can go with the dashboard battery gauge (optional).

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DURABILITY: Designed to handle the bumps and jolts of daily life.

Tested: For off-road durability and to automotive standards (SAE).

Lasts longer: Lasts 2-3X longer than lead-acid batteries.

Assurance: With an 8-year warranty.

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CHARGING: Fast and flexible.

Rapid: Charges in under 4 hours vs. 8-10 for lead-acid batteries.

Compatible: With most leading charger brands.

Convenient: View your battery life on the batteries or via the dashboard battery gauge (optional).

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MAINTENANCE: What can we say? There is none.

Hassle-free: No watering maintenance rituals required.

Acid-free: No corrosion, no acid drips, no charging fumes.

Worry-free: Store your batteries up to 12 months without issue in recommended conditions.

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SAFETY: Proof that safe can be exciting.

Certified: We ensure each product meets or exceeds safety and performance standards, including global and independent agencies—UL, SAE, ETL, FCC, CE.

Stable: Made with one of the most stable lithium formulas (LFP) with redundant safety features.

Self-protecting: Features a battery monitoring system (BMS) that self-protects against short circuits or overheating.

*Actual driving range will vary based on terrain, temperature, load and vehicle operation.

**Based on published range of competing GC2 lithium-ion batteries.

"Night and day on acceleration compared to regular batteries."

- Robert G.

"Faster charging, lighter weight, less maintenance."

- William W.

"Cart seemed more 'perky' and consistent speed - especially uphill."

- Reece T.

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