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Real Life Stories

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Stranded nine miles out on the Detroit River with his damaged motor, this pro angler had only his deep-cycle batteries to bring him home.

In the spring of 2008, Bob “Jigger” Mann had set out to pre-fish on the Detroit River to prep for a big tournament. Though he had experienced a lot of motor trouble earlier in the year he felt confident that it had been repaired as the boat ran smoothly for a couple of miles. His confidence building, he ventured out seven more miles down the river. Then suddenly his motor shut down. At 8:30 pm it was already getting dark and chilly. All he had was his trolling motor. Powering his trolling motor at 80%, he slowly began making his way back against the current, crossing over from the American side of the Detroit River to Windsor Marina in Ontario.

One hour and fifteen minutes later, the very cold and upset fisherman pulled into the familiar marina where he was met by the Windsor Police and the Canadian Coast Guard, who had received a report that his boat had broken down and may need help. Wrapped in a warm blanket and relieved to be back on land, he related his story to the authorities. At the end of his story, they all wanted to know: what batteries did he have on his boat that would bring him back so far and still have power? “Trojan,” Mann told them. They all nodded. “That’s why you made it back,” they said.