OverDrive AGM 31 Training Videos

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Installation & OCV

1. What is the first thing you should consider when working with batteries

2. OCV will tell you the battery capacity?

3. OCV will tell you the battery state of charge?

4. To clean the terminals you can use a mixture of backing soda and water?

5. A fully charged OverDrive battery would have voltage close to:

Midtronix EXP-1000 Testing

1. To test the battery with the EXP-1000 you should connect the clamps to the threaded studs?

2. To run the EXP-1000 test, connect the ___ clamp to the positive terminal and the ___ clamp to the negative terminal.

3. Before testing the battery check the terminals, cover, and case for ______.

4. What does a black temperature sticker on the top of the battery indicate?

5. What is the CCA setting for the OverDrive battery for testing with the EXp-1000?

Wiring Batteries

1. Connecting batteries in series increases the overall ______.

2. Connecting batteries in parallel increases the overall ______.

3. If 4 batteries are connected in series / parallel and the positive lead is on battery 1, the negative lead should also be on battery 1.

4. You can just hand tighten the connectors onto the batteries.

5. If the connectors are tightened too much the terminal can be damaged and broken?


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