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  Trojan has been a supplier of the highest quality batteries for the aerial industry so far.

At Trojan Battery we understand that compromising on a starting battery means compromising on your business which is why we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality, heavy duty starting battery the industry has to offer…the Trojan TransPower ST1000. Backed by a 24 month warranty*, the TransPower ST1000 is a rugged, maintenance free AGM 31 starting battery that delivers superior performance and long battery life. Achieving optimum performance in the TransPower ST1000 is driven by its advanced battery design. Beneath the rugged exterior of Trojan’s TransPower ST1000 are the design components that create a truly outstanding starting battery.

Transportation Products:

1 - Heavy Duty Plate Design
Standard starting batteries are constructed using relatively thin plates with thin grids. While a thin plate design can deliver the few seconds of amps needed to start an engine, this thin plate design also results in shorter battery life. The Trojan TransPower™ ST1000 is constructed using a heavy duty plate design that is thicker than the conventional starting battery plate. Engineered with a combination of high density paste and a thick wire grid design, the heavy duty plate construction can deliver nearly double the battery life of a standard flooded starting battery. Contained within the plate design is a grid network constructed with thick wires arranged in sunburst array architecture. The grid wires are thick wires that are highly resistant to corrosion, which is a typical failure mode in batteries. The sunburst array ensures peak starting performance by guiding all of the battery’s power to its focal point of charge resulting in 1,000 cold cranking amps.

2 - Proprietary Paste
Battery performance and longevity are influenced by the physical structure of the active material. To deliver the cranking power needed to deliver the few seconds of hundreds of amps needed to start an engine, the paste formula must be designed with maximum surface area and high porosity. To deliver longer battery life the active material requires higher density characteristics. Cranking power and battery life are interrelated where the higher the power delivering porosity the shorter the battery life. The key to building a quality battery is finding the optimal balance between porosity and density. Formulated with a higher density paste then competitive batteries, the Trojan TransPower™ ST1000 features a proprietary paste formulation engineered specifically to achieve just the right balance of power and longevity.

3 - Rugged Polypropylene Case
In heavy duty truck applications increased protection is important to the life of the battery. Trojan‘s TransPower™ ST1000 is packaged in a thick-walled, durable polypropylene case. Rigid enough to keep the internal components of the battery compressed, the rugged polypropylene case effectively protects the plates from damage caused by shock and vibration. Resistant to oil, gasoline and other road chemicals, TransPower’s polypropylene case is durable enough to withstand the rigorous abuse over-the-road truck applications can cause.

*24 month limited warranty valid in the United States and Canada

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