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OverDrive AGM 31   Trojan has been a supplier of the highest quality batteries for the aerial industry so far.
Overdrive agm 31™

The Trojan OverDrive AGM 31™ battery is a true deep cycling battery. Engineered exclusively to withstand the rigors and abuse of deep discharge applications, the OverDrive incorporates a series of design features essential to deliver the long duration energy storage required for heavy duty APU and liftgate applications.

Selecting the wrong type of battery will cause disappointing performance, shortened lifetime and wasted money. Flooded starting, dual-purpose and multi-purpose batteries are best suited for intermittent use and not deep-cycle applications. The Trojan OverDrive AGM 31™ delivers high power cycling for extended periods of time.

Transportation Products:

1 - Robust Plate Construction
Trojan’s OverDrive AGM 31™ is designed with a thick plate construction. The plate used in the OverDrive is more robust and more resistant to the stresses encountered during deep discharge cycling. During repeated discharge and recharge active materials can expand and contract causing erosion of the active material. The robust plate structure prevents the active material from being eroded away resulting in longer cycle life.

2 - Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Grid
The OverDrive AGM 31™ features a thick grid framework formulated for use with the OverDrive’s high density paste. The conductive framework of the grid is designed with large cross sectional areas to securely support the active material and to reduce the overall corrosion that can occur in batteries. The overall grid configuration is optimized to enhance current flow through the grid providing exceptional battery performance.

3 - High Density Paste
The OverDrive AGM 31™ is constructed with a high density paste formulation precisely engineered to deliver outstanding performance. The active material structure features larger crystals with smaller pores. Long, needle-shaped alpha lead dioxide crystals incorporated into the paste structure act like rebar in concrete, interlocking and strengthening the active material structure. This high density paste formulation optimizes porosity development utilizing the active material more effectively resulting in longer life.

4 - Rugged Polypropylene Case
In heavy-duty truck applications increased battery protection is key. Trojan‘s OverDrive AGM 31™ battery is packaged in a thick-walled, durable polypropylene case. Rigid enough to keep the internal components of the battery compressed, the rugged polypropylene case effectively protects the plates from damage caused by shock and vibration. Resistant to oil, gasoline and other road chemicals, Trojan’s polypropylene case is durable enough to withstand the rigorous abuse over-the-road truck applications can cause.

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