Get the Facts on Rolls S600 & 6CS17P Battery

Data Sheet Numbers

At Trojan Battery Company we want customers to question claims about deep-cycle battery capacities that seem too good to be true. Further examination of the data sheets for the S-600 and the 6CS17P batteries from Rolls Battery are good examples of capacity claims that do not appear to add up when put to the test. The results of capacity tests at a third-party laboratory at four different rates of discharge are shown in the two charts below – the blue bars represent published capacities while the red bars are the corresponding tested capacities.

The results demonstrate that neither the Rolls S-600 nor the 6CS17P batteries delivered their published capacities at any of the five rates of discharge. The tested amp-hour capacity of the S-600 battery ranged from 50% to 68% of its rated capacity across 5 rates of discharge, while that of the 6CS17P battery ranged from 62% to 92% of its rated capacity.


Trojan Battery wants customers to have the real facts. Read them for yourselves:

  1. Independent Capacity Test Results for Rolls S-600 (4000 Series) and 6CS17P (5000 Series) batteries


* Tested in accordance by the charging protocol established with Rolls Battery.

** Mean test results from 4 samples of each type of battery.

Note: Test reports are available upon request.