Water Supplies

For successful operation, Trojan Battery’s HydroLink™ Watering System must use an approved Flow-Rite water supply system.

Other water supply systems will not work with HydroLink™ and should not be used. Usage of a non-Flow-Rite water supply voids the HydroLink™ warranty and may damage the battery.

There are three approved Flow-Rite water supplies:

Hand Pump Supply – The hand pump water supply is perfect for the customer who has 1 or 2 golf cars and would like to use distilled water. To operate simply connect the hand pump to the HydroLink™ Watering System and place the other end in a gallon of distilled water. Begin to fill by squeezing the pump. When all of your Trojan batteries are filled the bulb will become firm, not allowing you to add any more water.

Regulated Hose Supply – Flow-Rite’s most popular water supply, the Regulated Hose Supply, provides an inexpensive option to pump operated units yet and allows for fast filling. Installation couldn’t be easier, simply attach to any garden hose bib.

Deionized Water Supply – Maximizes battery life by removing dissolved solids that are present in tap water and can lead to shortened battery life. Economical, the separate bed deionizer uses an ion exchange cartridge filled with non-toxic synthetic resins to remove impurities from you tap water before it enters the battery.

You may purchase any approved Flow-Rite water supply system from any Trojan Master Distributor or Flow-Rite Distributor. For additional information on Flow-Rite water supplies, visit www.flow-rite.com