At Trojan Battery Company, we want customers to be informed and to question claims about deep-cycle batteries that seem too good to be true.

The most recent misleading claim is from U.S. Battery in their “GET THE FACTS” marketing campaign.  U.S. Battery published 6-volt 2200-XC2 battery testing against Trojan Battery showing “stellar” results in both capacity and cycle life from an unknown “battery expert”. Needless to say their results are unsubstantiated, as you can see by test results from JBI, an accredited laboratory, seen below:


For the real facts on U.S. Battery, click here to read about these test results and other claims. 

U.S. Battery also claims that their XC2 formulation will allow the battery to cycle up to its rated capacity in as few as 25 cycles.

The real fact is U.S. Battery’s own marketing materials demonstrated that it took the U.S. Battery 2200 XC2 up to 280 cycles to meet the rated capacity of 122 minutes.

Can a customer believe test results from an unknown “battery expert” when the data shows that U.S. Battery does not reach capacity “in as few as 25 cycles?”

Which is wrong – their “battery expert” or U.S. Battery claiming that it can perform that well?

Trojan Battery wants customers to have access to all the real facts. Read them for yourselves: