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Trojan AES Resources

View or download literature and watch videos to learn more about Trojan AES, our newest VRLA AGM battery.


Trojan AES AGM Batteries & Resources

Available in 6V, 8V and 12V models, Trojan AES AGM batteries go beyond standard AGM battery technology to last longer and help prevent frequent replacements.

See all Trojan AES AGM batteries for Floor Machines, Aerial Work Platforms/MEWP, Material Handling, and Renewable Energy applications.

Trojan AES AGM Battery Literature

Trojan AES Videos: Advanced AGM Batteries that Power Productivity

Frederica Golf Club Said Yes to Trojan AES

The golf course maintenance crew at Frederica Golf Club in Saint Simons Island, Georgia, depends on the new Trojan AES AGM Battery to last longer in the utility vehicle used to maintain grounds and greens.

Trojan AES: Batteries that Power Productivity

Trojan AES is a VRLA AGM battery that delivers consistent, unrivaled high output and up to 3x the cycle life of standard AGM batteries.

Trojan AES: Batteries for the Most Demanding Users

The new Trojan® AES AGM battery will maintain high capacity even in extreme deep cycling.

Trojan AES for Substantially Longer Battery Life

The new Trojan® AES AGM battery gives you up to 3X the cycle life of standard AGM batteries.

Trojan AES: A Battery Designed for Extreme Temperatures

Meet the advanced AGM battery built for extreme temperature ranges, extreme deep cycling, and extremely long life.