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How to use the new TrojanEx Partner Portal

Resources for Trojan Dealers and Distributors

What’s new at TrojanEx? 

If you are a Trojan dealer or distributor, you may be familiar with the TrojanEx website. We are excited to welcome you to our new TrojanEx Partner Portal.  

The new TrojanEx Partner Portal has the materials and information you need to succeed with Trojan.  

New features include:
  • New training & certification program

  • Resources and useful links

  • Enhanced security to protect your data

As always, you’ll continue to access:
  • Certification courses for Trojan lithium batteries

  • Marketing assets like photos, datasheets, and brochures

  • Promo shop for your tradeshow and showroom needs

3 steps to use the new TrojanEx Partner Portal

1. Open the email from partnerportal@cdtrojan.com.

If you are an active TrojanEx user, we have already transferred your account to our new TrojanEx Partner Portal. You’ll receive an email titled “Your New Partner Portal” that includes your new username and temporary password.

2. Reset your password.

Reset your password via the link in the email.

3. Login to the new TrojanEx Partner Portal.

Once you have successfully reset your password, you're ready to login and explore!

Additional support

If you are a Trojan Dealer who has never used TrojanEx—or who uses TrojanEx but did not receive an email for the new portal—please contact the team at partnerportal@cdtrojan.com.

Password reset prompt for new TrojanEx Partner Portal

What to do in the new TrojanEx Partner Portal

Now that you're in, plan to visit regularly! Make it easy to find and use the TrojanEx Partner Portal by bookmarking the website and saving your password somewhere safe.

Next, take a tour. Start exploring by clicking on the different parts of the page.

The new TrojanEx Partner Portal

Inside the portal, you can access:

Marketing Materials & Assets. This will take you to our literature and promo shop, run by 1Vision. Browse apparel, banners and signs, display batteries, printed documents, and more. The Digital Library holds ads, datasheets, brochures, photographs, and other useful marketing items. All are free to download; click the Add to Order button to add to your cart.

Training. Trojan offers video training to our dealers and distributors, now in a new format! Watch videos and take quizzes to test your learning. Passing the final test in the Trojan Lithium Training and Dealer Certification course means you are qualified to sell Trojan lithium products and will receive a special Lithium-Ion designation on our Dealer Locator Map. Thousands of visitors find local authorized Trojan dealers every month using this map.

Resources and Links. Not sure where to find Trojan BMS software? Or, looking for links to our Trojan apps? Try the Resources and Links section for useful links and other resources.

Ready to join other Trojan Dealers in TrojanEx Partner Portal? Register today!