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Heavy-duty trucking and transport batteries to keep you on the road.

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Keeping you on schedule

When it comes to heavy-duty truck and commercial vehicle scheduling, the right battery can be the difference between meeting your schedule and disappointing customers. With nearly 100 years of powering business and industry, Trojan is the world’s leading supplier of deep cycle batteries; the Trojan name is synonymous with reliability, long life and high performance.

Selecting the wrong transportation battery can mean frustrations, shortened lifetime and wasted money. Engineered to withstand the rigors and abuse of deep discharge applications, Trojan deep cycle batteries—available in lithium-ion, Trojan AES, AGM, and gel configurations —deliver high power cycling for extended periods. You get the exceptional uptime, lower cost of ownership, enhanced life and unsurpassed durability your trucking business depends on to get the job done.

Battery technology to power your equipment

Find the right battery for trucking and transportation

T-105 AES 6V Battery
Trojan AES - New!
  • Up to 3x life of AGM

  • Performs in harsh conditions

  • Maintenance free

  • 3-year warranty

  • Long cycle life

  • Maintenance free

  • 99% recyclable

  • 2-year warranty


Long duration energy storage with OverDrive AGM 31 battery

Engineered to withstand the rigors and abuse of deep discharge applications, the Motive OverDrive AGM 31 incorporates features essential to delivering the long duration energy storage required for heavy-duty APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), inverter and liftgate applications. The Motive OverDrive AGM 31 delivers high power cycling for extended periods and 73 cold cranking amps.

Parasitic loads and their

impact on engine cranking capability

Trojan OverDrive TransPower Grid

Thick Cast Grid

Energy channeled to and from the point of contact for maximum power, maximum recharge efficiency and low resistance. With increased structure for superior vibration handling.

Trucking & Transportation Application Guide

MINIMUM ALTERNATOR SIZE160 Amp160 Amp240 Amp200 Amp65 Amp
TRUCK BATTERYMotive Overdrive AGMMotive Overdrive AGMMotive Overdrive AGM
AUXILIARY BATTERY Motive Overdrive AGMMotive Overdrive AGMMotive Overdrive AGM
  • The Motive OverDrive AGM 31 is the only deep cycle battery exclusively engineered to meet the demands of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and auxiliary power units (APUs) without truck idling.

  • The Motive OverDrive AGM 31 delivers the rugged durability and deep cycling capabilities required for heavy duty and severe-duty liftgate applications.

  • Refrigeration and inverter needs are met with Motive OverDrive AGM 31 by providing consistent and reliable performance.

  • Motive OverDrive AGM 31 delivers outstanding starting power – even in extreme weather conditions.

  • Trojan’s Motive OverDrive AGM 31 battery features robust plate construction, heavy duty corrosion resistant grids, high-density paste and a rugged polypropylene case.


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