TE35-AES 6V AGM Battery

TE35-AES 6V AGM Battery

  • TE35-AES 6V AGM Battery

TE35-AES 6V AGM Battery DIN Size

DIN size for the European market; AES AGM for long cycle life

TE35-AES features all the advantages of Trojan AES AGM batteries, including 3-year limited warranty, high-capacity in extreme deep-cycling, and ability to withstand harsh environments. Built to meet DIN, or German Industrial Standard sizing, the TE35-AES 6V AGM battery helps customers reduce replacements and achieve greater ROI by lasting up to 3x the cycle life of ordinary AGM batteries.

BAttery Quick Facts
Capacity Minutes

@25 Amps / 450

Capacity Amp-Hours

5-Hr Rate / 180 Ah 10-Hr Rate / 192 Ah 20-Hr Rate / 210 Ah 100-Hr Rate / 215 Ah

Energy (kWh)


Dimensions inches (mm)

Length / 9.61 (244) Width / 7.48 (190) Height / 10.77 (273)

Weight lbs. (kg)

74.3 (33.7)

Operating Temperature

-40°F to 140°F (-40°C to +60°C)

Features & Benefits

  • Tested at 1,200 cycles compared to 400 cycles for AGM alternatives, per the BCI-06 test
  • Superior power throughput so batteries charge quickly
  • Designed to absorb vibration and shock
  • Minimal maintenance; no watering required
  • Wide temperature range enables operation in extreme temperature environments
  • Holds up well in Partial State of Charge or PSoC
  • Manufactured with 80% recycled materials
  • 99% recyclable



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