7 Top Benefits of GC2-Size Lithium-Ion LSEV Batteries

When it comes to replacing or upgrading your golf cart / low-speed electric vehicle’s (LSEV) batteries to lithium-ion, there are two battery sizes to choose from—GC2 (multiple, smaller units) or a single large battery pack.

While some prefer the single pack, GC2 lithium batteries are stacked with benefits you should consider.

Let's dig into seven of the top benefits. 

GC2 Lithium Batteries: the flexible, drop-in solution

  • True drop-in solution

  • Modular, flexible capacity

  • Operational with a single battery failure

  • Premium continuous and peak discharge

  • Adjustable weight balancing

  • Better heat dissipation

  • Ease of installation


1. True drop-in solution.

GC2 Lithium-ion batteries are the same size as your existing flooded lead acid batteries, so no modifications are needed to the battery compartment.

Some large packs require you to cut away components and reroute wiring in the battery compartment to fit properly.

Modular Config-300x300

2. Modular and flexible capacity

With GC2 batteries, you can start with 2-3 lithium batteries and add batteries for more capacity and distance as you go (up to six total).

As you add powered accessories or discover you want to go further on a single charge, GC2 batteries can grow with your needs.

Redundant Funct300

3. Operational with a single battery failure

If one GC2 battery fails, the other batteries will take over, allowing you to continue using the vehicle (albeit with a bit less “gas in the tank”).

With a single pack, you won’t be able to use the vehicle until the issue is resolved.

Peak Charge300

4. High continuous and peak discharge

A 3-battery Trojan GC2 setup provides premium maximum continuous discharge compared to single pack solutions.

That means means zippier acceleration at the same time the batteries are powering accessories (stereo, USB ports, lights) and upgraded motor controllers.


5. Adjustable weight balancing

With a single battery pack, installation location options are limited. The pack will typically only fit in one location within the vehicle and optimizing weight balance is not always possible.

With a modular setup like the Trojan GC2, the batteries can be installed in locations to offset the weight of the driver in a vehicle typically driven without passengers. If a vehicle typically has multiple passengers, the batteries can be evenly distributed to maintain balance. The proper installation of GC2 batteries may require additional ballast weights or other adjustments to ensure stability and safe weight distribution.

Heat Dissipation300

6. Better heat dissipation

Trojan GC2 batteries are designed with heat dissipation in mind, all the way down to the internal arrangement of cells. The design allows every individual cell within the GC2 to be adjacent to an external container wall, meaning that airflow around the outside of the pack assists with keeping every cell cool.

The modular design of the GC2 allows users to install batteries with airflow and cooling in mind for optimum performance. With single large packs, this airflow can be limited, and many cells are left completely enclosed within the pack. Unless it has been designed specifically with heat dissipation in mind, single packs can easily develop cell to cell temperature imbalances that can reduce life and performance.

Heat management is an important part of why Trojan can offer an industry leading 8-year warranty on GC2 Lithium batteries.

Easy Install300

7. Ease of installation

One of the key benefits of lithium-ion batteries is their significant weight reduction over lead-acid batteries. Single pack designs still offer overall weight savings, but installation can be difficult for packs that weigh 2-3x a typical 8V or 12V lead-acid battery.

Using a traditional lead-acid case size, the Trojan GC2 lithium-ion battery packs are lightweight at only 37 pounds. This allows most users to move, arrange and install them without assistance. Large packs require at least two people or heavy lifting equipment, so installation or removal of the pack will typically require a visit to a dealer.

This is an important benefit for users who may need to move or rearrange batteries to add accessories to their vehicles, or those who do not have a local dealer and cannot take the vehicle in for service or battery replacement.

Added benefits with Trojan GC2 Lithium

  • Advanced safety features include four levels of redundancy at the cell. Read why Trojan Battery is a trusted name for lithium-ion technology

  • Up to 15% more range than competitor lithium 48V GC2 batteries (45-60 miles with a 3-battery setup).

  • Off-road durability: Meets SAE automotive vibration standards.

  • 8-year warranty (6 full years, 2 pro-rated). One of the best warranties on the market protects your investment.


When you decide to upgrade to lithium-ion, consider your situation and which type of battery best suits your current and future needs. 

Trojan Battery offers 36V and 48V GC2 lithium-ion batteries built specifically for LSEVs. When you decide to upgrade, we hope you consider trusted Trojan Lithium.

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