Flooded Battery vs. Lithium Battery vs. Trojan AES AGM

How to Choose the Right Technology

Are you getting the most out of your golf cart, floor machine, AWP, or other battery-powered equipment? If not, it could be the battery technology you're using. Different types of batteries lead to different results.

Trojan Motive Batteries
Trojan batteries for motive applications

Whether you're buying your first batteries or ready to replace current batteries, this article helps explore the options . The battery technology can affect performance, longevity, and price.

3 types of motive batteries

Equipment that moves people, machines, or materials are powered by motive batteries. There are three main categories of motive batteries:

Flooded batteries are tried-and-true, affordable, and recyclable. VRLA batteries are an upgrade, especially when it comes to maintenance and cold weather performance. Lithium is an investment in speed, power, and convenience.

Some batteries handle extreme temperatures better. Others might charge faster. There are good reasons to choose one battery over another. It’s up to you and the equipment performance you need.

Use this guide to compare batteries and discover which battery type is right for you.


I choose the following technology because . . . Flooded Lead Acid BatteryTrojan AES AGM BatteryLithium-Ion Battery
LONGEVITYI replace the battery when it stops performing.I keep equipment for 3 to 5 years and use the same battery.I keep equipment for 5+ years and use the battery for 10+ years.
RUN TIMESI need average run times.I need average run times.I require the longest possible run times.
MAINTENANCEI don’t mind maintaining the battery periodically, or training others to do so.I need maintenance-free batteries because training users is difficult.I need maintenance-free batteries because training users is difficult.
CHARGING HABITSI have time to charge overnight or for longer periods.I need to opportunity charge often without damaging the battery.I need fast charging and opportunity charging between uses.
CHARGER TYPE*I want to keep my flooded lead acid battery charger.I currently have an AGM battery compatible charger.I can easily upgrade my charger to a lithium battery profile.
SPEEDI want safe, consistent speeds.I want safe, consistent speeds.I want to accelerate quickly, because I drive outdoors.
COSTI have a limited budget. I am cost-conscious. I believe total cost of ownership matters most.
TEMPERATUREI use my batteries in mild to high temperatures.I want my batteries to maintain performance in cold to mild temperatures.I use my batteries in moderate temperatures and understand that my batteries will take longer to charge in cold temperatures.
TERRAINI drive on mostly flat, smooth roads.I drive on bumpy or rough terrain, so the battery must withstand vibrations.I drive on hilly terrain or rough terrain, so I need extra power to maintain speed and vibration resistance.
RECYCLABILITYI like that Trojan flooded batteries are manufactured from 80% recycled materials and are 99% recyclable.I like that Trojan AES batteries are manufactured from 80% recycled materials and are 99% recyclable.I understand that most lithium batteries are made from virgin materials and recyclability is considered limited.

*Always use a charger that is compatible with your battery. Check our battery compatibility guide before charging.

The easy choice: Trojan Batteries

Trojan is the trusted brand with a complete line of batteries: Flooded, Gel, AGM, Trojan AES AGM, and Lithium-ion. Our high-performing, innovative deep cycle batteries have powered equipment since 1925.

Why do more people trust Trojan?

Testing. We test our batteries at two dedicated R&D centers. We also conduct external testing to IEC, UL, IP, SAE, and many more standards ensure battery performance, quality and safety.

Proprietary technologies. Our innovations include Smart Carbon™, T2 Technology™, proprietary Alpha Plus ® Paste, and our exclusive Maxguard ® separator. Our newest developments in Lithium-ion and Advanced Energy Storage (AES) help to deliver exceptional battery performance.

Manufacturing excellence. We manufacture to a higher standard. Trojan invests in the latest equipment and technology for our ISO-certified manufacturing sites worldwide.

Local support, quick inventory and quality service. We partner with more than 1500 distributors and authorized dealers around the world. Your requirements are our top priority.

When you’ve made your battery selection, find an authorized Trojan Battery dealer near you.

Download a PDF of our product specification guide.