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Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

Engineered with T2™ Technology, Trojan Flooded Lead Acid Batteries deliver rugged durability and reliable performance at an affordable price.


Trojan Flooded Lead Acid Batteries: A century of reliable sustained performance

Trojan’s deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries are known worldwide for their maroon color and for outlasting other lead-acid batteries.

These premium batteries deliver rugged durability and reliable performance at an affordable price. Engineered with Trojan’s T2™ Technology, they maximize sustained performance, energy and longevity, making them the preferred choice for applications requiring high performance at the lowest life-cycle cost.

How Trojan Flooded Lead Acid Batteries Outperform the Competition

Sustained Performance

Our high-density Alpha Plus® Paste with T2™ Technology increases sustained capacity, boosts total overall amp-hours, delivering unsurpassed performance.


The Maxguard T2™ Separator’s multi-rib geometry keeps acid channels open longer, enhancing electrochemical processing and reducing the risk of stratification.

Reduced Maintenance

Trojan’s lead antimony alloy grid cuts maintenance costs. With an optional Hydrolink™ Watering System you can water your batteries safely—in seconds.

Flooded Battery Benefits

  • AFFORDABLE. In addition to being durable and long-lived, flooded batteries are often the most affordable option for powering golf carts, UTVs, industrial equipment, boats & RVs, solar panels, and much more.

  • COMPATIBLE. Trojan flooded lead acid batteries are compatible with a wide range of chargers

  • RECYCLABLE. Over 98% of the components in lead acid batteries—including lead, sulfuric acid and plastics—can be recovered. We then use up to 80 percent of these reclaimed materials to produce new batteries.

  • RELIABLE. The high-quality components inside our flooded batteries enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and increase the overall capacity.

  • ACCESSIBLE. Backed by Trojan’s worldwide Authorized Dealer and Distributor Network.


A Guide by Trojan Battery Experts

How to Easily Maintain Your Flooded Lead Acid Battery

With the right safety, cleaning, and watering maintenance, flooded lead acid batteries can provide long life and high performance. Our experts put together this checklist of maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your Trojan flooded batteries.

Applications for Trojan Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

The workhorses of energy storage and generation for more than 150 years.