Golf carts & utility vehicles

Our early success in the golf cart industry established Trojan as a leader. Today, we’re the top battery brand among golf cart and utility vehicle manufacturers, golf course fleet managers and consumers.


We're first – because our batteries last

As one of the only battery suppliers with a range of golf batteries to fit a variety of needs and budgets—lithium-ion, flooded lead acid, Trojan AES, AGM, and gel—we deliver dependable, high-performance batteries you can count on day after day, year after year. And our batteries last longer between charges, which means you get more reliable power to keep you on the move.

When you look under the seat and see Trojan maroon batteries, you can be confident you're going to have a great day. 

Golf Carts, Golf Cars, and Fleet GolfLow Speed Electric Vehicles, LSVs, or LSEVsCommercial Utility Vehicles
Personal Transportation Vehicles and Personal TransportersElectric Utility Vehicles or UTVsAircraft Tugs and Aircraft Towing Vehicles
Lightweight self-propelled vehicles & equipmentNeighborhood Electric Vehicles or NEVsElectric People Movers and Electric Shuttles
Electric Emergency VehiclesOff-Road Electric Golf Carts and Lifted Off-Road Electric Golf CartsElectric Personnel Carriers
Turf Utility Vehicles & Grounds Care Maintenance VehiclesPersonal Electric Vehicles or PEVs

Battery options to fit your lifestyle and budget

Find the right Trojan Battery golf cart or utility vehicle battery

Trojan Lithium
  • Longest range

  • Maintenance free

  • Fast charging

  • 8-year warranty

Trojan AES AGM
  • Up to 3x life of AGM

  • Performs in harsh conditions

  • Maintenance free

  • 3-year warranty

Flooded Lead Acid
  • Low cost

  • Reliable performance

  • 99% recyclable

  • 18-month warranty

  • Long cycle life

  • Maintenance free

  • 99% recyclable

  • 2-year warranty


Designed, tested, and final processing in the USA

Trojan Lithium-ion batteries undergo final processing in our California facility in Santa Fe Springs. This ensures that our US-based team has control over quality and safety before the batteries reach our customers. Explore Trojan Lithium Batteries >



Upgrade to Trojan® GC2 48V lithium-ion golf cart battery, and you'll go farther, climb higher, accelerate faster, and charge quicker.

Watch how Trojan powers Golf Carts, LSVs, UTVs, and more

Frederica Golf Club Said Yes to Trojan AES

The golf course maintenance crew at Frederica Golf Club in Saint Simons Island, Georgia, depends on the new Trojan AES AGM Battery to last longer in the utility vehicle used to maintain grounds and greens.

Ryder Cup Golf Cart Upgraded to Trojan Lithium

Asa High, Director of Golf Course and Grounds at the beautiful Frederica Golf Club in St. Simons Island, Georgia, upgraded their official 2018 Ryder Cup golf cart with three 48V GC2 Trojan Lithium batteries. Asa comments on how the new batteries have been a “game-changer” when it comes to performance.

La Cala Golf Resort: lasting with Trojan lithium-ion golf batteries

Three courses and 200 cars survived 2 rounds of golf per day, with Trojan lithium-ion batteries, no recharging, and reduced TCO.

Why Upgrade to Trojan Lithium? A Customer Perspective

Dirk Weingartner of Beach Bums Golf Car Rentals shares all the reasons why they upgraded their rental fleet to Trojan Lithium, including eliminating the need for upgraded motors and controllers to increase speed.

Are Trojan Lithium-Ion Golf Batteries Worth It?

Watch Trojan Master Distributors test drive our lithium-ion golf batteries, and see the batteries successfully stand up to every challenge.

From a Dealer's Perspective

Why Upgrade to Trojan Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

Authorized Lithium Battery Dealer Phil Madrigal of CartRoc in Florida explains the benefits of Trojan's 48V Lithium-Ion golf cart battery—which include fast charging, less weight, zero maintenance, and an industry-leading 8-year warranty.

Trojan Lithium-Ion goes the distance

We'd have six or eight lead acids. We can reduce to two, three, four lithium-ions, and get the same range, if not more."

Andy JorgensonDirector of Golf Course Operations, On Top of the World Golf Club, Ocala, Florida

On Top of the World Communities upgraded to Trojan Lithium-Ion for its extended range, fewer batteries, no maintenance, and the trusted Trojan brand.

On Top of the World Communities upgraded to Trojan Lithium-Ion for its extended range, fewer batteries, no maintenance, and the trusted Trojan brand.


GC2 vs. Single Pack Batteries: Which is better?

7 Top Benefits of GC2-Size Lithium-Ion LSEV Batteries

When it comes to replacing or upgrading your golf cart and LSEV batteries to lithium-ion, there are two battery sizes to choose from—GC2 (multiple, smaller units) or a single large battery pack. GC2 lithium batteries are stacked with benefits you should consider.

Where to Buy Trojan Batteries


Try the Updated Trojan Battery Finder

Trojan Battery Finder is an easy-to-use online tool that helps you identify the right deep cycle battery for your exact equipment. You can find the perfect power source for LSEVs like golf carts and UTVs, floor scrubbers and cleaners, AWPs and MEWPs, material handling equipment like pallet jacks and forklifts, and more!