Aerial work platforms

Reliable power for the most demanding aerial work platforms operating in the harshest conditions.


Trust us with the heavy lifting

Dependability is everything in your business. If your equipment fails, you can’t do your job. Whether changing LED high bay lights in a sports arena or installing ductwork in a high-rise, you need AWP batteries that last through all of your tasks. Trojan aerial work platform batteries help you get the job done.

For decades, our deep cycle batteries have provided exceptional uptime, lower cost of ownership, enhanced life and unsurpassed durability for aerial work platforms (AWP) and mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP).

We understand your need for durability, reliability and performance. That's why we offer a broad portfolio of batteries for AWP and MEWP operations in high quality, deep cycle flooded lead acid, lithium-ion, AES AGM, and AGM technologies.

It's also why our:

  • Deep cycle batteries are available in extra-durable Polyon® cases for heavy service applications.

  • AC Series batteries are specifically designed for aerial work platform applications.


AWPs & MEWPs powered by Trojan batteries

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Batteries to power your equipment

Find the right battery for AWPs, MEWPs, and more

Trojan Lithium
  • Longest range

  • Maintenance free

  • Fast charging

  • 8-year warranty

Trojan AES AGM
  • Up to 3x life of AGM

  • Performs in harsh conditions

  • Maintenance free

  • 3-year warranty

Flooded lead acid
  • Low cost

  • Reliable performance

  • 99% recyclable

  • 18-month warranty

  • Long cycle life

  • Maintenance free

  • 99% recyclable

  • 2-year warranty


Explore the advantages of lithium-ion for AWPs

Move to the new Trojan® GC2 24V lithium-ion battery and watch your AWP productivity rise. Trojan lithium batteries provide a long life, longer runtime, and zero maintenance solution for aerial work platforms.

Read more about batteries for AWPs & related equipment

Where to Buy Trojan Batteries


Try the Updated Trojan Battery Finder

Trojan Battery Finder is an easy-to-use online tool that helps you identify the right deep cycle battery for your exact equipment. You can find the perfect power source for LSEVs like golf carts and UTVs, floor scrubbers and cleaners, AWPs and MEWPs, material handling equipment like pallet jacks and forklifts, and more!