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GC2 vs. Single Pack Batteries: Which is better?

7 Top Benefits of GC2-Size Lithium-Ion LSEV Batteries

When it comes to replacing or upgrading your golf cart and LSEV batteries to lithium-ion, there are two battery sizes to choose from—GC2 (multiple, smaller units) or a single large battery pack. GC2 lithium batteries are stacked with benefits you should consider.


How to Choose the Right Battery Type

Flooded Battery vs. Lithium Battery vs. Trojan AES AGM Battery

Some batteries handle extreme temperatures better. Others might charge faster. There are good reasons to choose one battery over another.


A Guide by Trojan Battery Experts

How to Easily Maintain Your Flooded Lead Acid Battery

With the right safety, cleaning, and watering maintenance, flooded lead acid batteries can provide long life and high performance. Our experts put together this checklist of maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your Trojan flooded batteries.


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