The new GC2 Lithium-Ion

  • Farther Distance
  • Faster Charging
  • Maintenance Free
  • Certified Safety Standards
  • Off-Road Durability

Taking you to the 19th hole.
Whether you’re on the golf course or zipping around the neighborhood, Trojan® lithium-ion batteries can take you farther than expected. In fact, a full 15% farther than the leading competitive lithium-ion battery on a single charge! And with the capacity to stack multiple batteries, there’s no limit to how far Trojan lithium-ion batteries can take you.

Less time charging, more time exploring.
Trojan lithium-ion batteries deliver unmatched performance at lightning speed – reaching a full charge in under four hours. What’s more, they typically only need to be replaced once during a vehicle’s lifetime.

Maintenance is no fun, so we got rid of it.
The lightweight design of our new Trojan lithium-ion batteries allows them to run more efficiently and reduce the wear and tear on your golf cart. Because lithium-ion batteries don’t require watering, there’s no terminal corrosion or need to deep-clean your batteries every few months.

Held to the highest testing standards.
Just as Trojan Battery has always set the global standard for motive batteries, we ensure each lithium-ion battery meets or exceeds even the most stringent testing by the Society of Automotive Engineers for both durability and vibration.

Safety that delivers security and peace-of-mind.
As the global name in motive batteries, we ensure each product meets, or exceeds, in-house and third-party testing, including global, independent safety science companies, like:

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) – Certified lithium-ion cells
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) – Durability and vibration testing
Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) – Qualified lithium-ion chemistry
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – Ensures electromagnetic radiation is below the specified limits
Conformitè Europëenne (CE) – Conforms with European health, safety and environmental protection standards

With your safety in mind first, Trojan lithium-ion batteries feature a breakthrough battery maintenance system (BMS) that self-protects against short circuits or overheating. And they’re equipped with a truly “smart” design – integrating an intelligent, dual-processor into its computer for full back-up – ensuring the system is always running.

Trojan lithium-ion batteries have been designed, processed and tested in the U.S.A.

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