Case studies

Read our customer stories and see why Trojan batteries are the right choice for applications around the world.


Case Studies

Trojan batteries power everything from golf carts and floor scrubbers, to off-grid communities. Our satisfied customers are happy to talk about how and why Trojan batteries are the right choice for their needs. Below you can read some of of our customer stories that highlight how life has improved for those using Trojan batteries.

Battery Backup

Backup power prevents critical outages in data centers, hospitals, classrooms, and communities.

Off-Grid Solar

From tiny homes to microgrids to villages, solar power storage enables independence.

Rural Electrification

Rural towns and villages need reliable power for their schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure.

Solar Street Lighting

Solar-powered lights for off-grid roads and streets required exceptional battery quality and durability.


Terminals and transceiver stations enable telecommunications power without polluting generators.


Boats powered with renewable energy reduce CO2 emissions and diesel fuel consumption.


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