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Trojan Lithium Batteries

A simple battery upgrade will have you going farther than ever before—with zero maintenance.

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Trojan Lithium: Peace of mind with maximum efficiency.

Trojan Lithium-ion batteries provide the ultimate upgrade in power to your vehicle or equipment. The same size as GC2 flooded lead acid and AGM batteries, Trojan lithium-ion batteries are drop-in ready and easy to install without major modifications to the battery compartment.

Our GC2 24V, 36V, and 48V lithium batteries are ideal in low-speed EVs such as golf carts and utility vehicles, floorcare equipment, material handling class 3 pallet jacks, aerial work platforms, and some marine battery applications.

Held to the highest safety and durability standards, Trojan lithium-ion batteries are designed with advanced safety features and meet automotive durability and vibration testing standards.

Trojan lithium-ion batteries last 10 years, are maintenance-free, charge fast, and offer harmless opportunity charging. For the lowest total cost of ownership, your new lithium batteries will perform great under partial state of charge, and carry an industry-leading 8-year warranty.

Upgrade your deep cycle batteries today and release the beast in your equipment.

How Trojan Lithium Batteries Outperform the Competition

Advanced Safety

Stable lithium iron phosphate formula, 4 levels of safety redundancy, 5 internal temperature sensors, and a self-protecting battery monitoring system.

Long Lifetime

Trojan lithium-ion batteries last 10 years, 2-3x longer than lead acid with an industry-leading 8-year warranty.

Ultra Durable

Trojan lithium-ion batteries meet SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standards for durability and vibration.


Meet the Trojan Lithium OnePack™ 48V Battery Pack

Meet Trojan Lithium OnePack™, our new 48V 105Ah lithium-ion battery pack. One battery that charges faster than other batteries, runs farther on a single charge, requires virtually zero maintenance, and comes with Bluetooth™ connectivity that lets you check its status straight from your phone.


Designed, tested, and final processing in the USA

Trojan Lithium-ion batteries undergo final processing in our California facility in Santa Fe Springs. This ensures that our US-based team has control over quality and safety before the batteries reach our customers. Explore Trojan Lithium Batteries >

More Lithium Benefits

  • MAINTENANCE & ACID-FREE: No watering required. No corrosion, no acid drips, no charging fumes.

  • DURABILITY & RUGGED DESIGN: Tested for off-road durability and to automotive standards, including SAE. Designed to absorb vibration & shock.

  • FAST OPPORTUNITY CHARGING: Charges in under 4 hours versus 8-10 for other lead-acid batteries. Charge up anytime without harming the batteries.

  • INTELLIGENT: CAN Bus communication for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

  • FLEXIBLE CAPACITY: Add capacity (and range) by adding more batteries.

  • LOWER WEIGHT: Reduce wear and tear, and increase acceleration.


Why customers choose Trojan Lithium

Trojan Lithium Golf Cart Batteries | A Customer Review

Sam, a Trojan Lithium golf cart customer, visited us at the PGA Show to tell us about his experience with Trojan 48V GC2 lithium-ion batteries. He calls them a “game-changer” because of their far range, no maintenance, and fast charging. Learn more about Trojan golf cart batteries at trojanbattery.com.

Why Upgrade to Trojan Lithium? A Customer Perspective

Dirk Weingartner of Beach Bums Golf Car Rentals shares all the reasons why they upgraded their rental fleet to Trojan Lithium, including eliminating the need for upgraded motors and controllers to increase speed.

Why Upgrade to Trojan Lithium? A Dealer Perspective

Trojan Authorized Lithium Dealer Phil Madrigal of CartRoc in Doral, Florida explains the benefits of the Trojan 48V GC2 Lithium-Ion golf cart battery, which include fast charging, less weight, zero maintenance and an industry-leading 8-year warranty.

La Cala Golf Resort Conquers Hills with Trojan Lithium-Ion Golf Batteries
Are Trojan Lithium-Ion Golf Batteries Worth It?

Fewer replacements = lower total cost of ownership

TB Lithium-Ion 48V Golf Chart

Did you know that 2-3 lithium-ion batteries can do the work of 6 flooded lead acid 8-volt batteries in a 48V vehicle? Since Trojan lithium-ion batteries last 10 years, you can cut 4-5 lead acid replacements, or as many as 24 lead acid batteries.**

Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and gain all the benefits of Trojan Lithium-Ion.

**Based on a 2-person low speed vehicle with standard stock motor controller. Assuming the need to replace lead acid batteries 4 times over 10 years.


How to Choose the Right Battery Type

Flooded Battery vs. Lithium Battery vs. Trojan AES AGM Battery

Some batteries handle extreme temperatures better. Others might charge faster. There are good reasons to choose one battery over another.

Applications for Trojan Lithium Batteries

Unleash the full potential of your equipment with lithium-ion


Try the Updated Trojan Battery Finder

Trojan Battery Finder is an easy-to-use online tool that helps you identify the right deep cycle battery for your exact equipment. You can find the perfect power source for LSEVs like golf carts and UTVs, floor scrubbers and cleaners, AWPs and MEWPs, material handling equipment like pallet jacks and forklifts, and more!

Lithium Battery Resources

Learn how you can use Trojan Lithium-ion batteries to power your equipment.

Lithium-Ion Battery FAQs

Find answers to common questions about lithium-ion batteries.

Where to buy Trojan lithium-ion batteries

Find Authorized Lithium-Ion Dealers near you.