T-605 6V Flooded Battery

T-605 6V Flooded Battery

  • T-605 6V Flooded Battery

T-605 6V Flooded Lead Acid Battery

The T-605 6V Flooded Lead Acid battery, part of our Signature Line, provides broad durability and excellent total energy output. It is perfectly suited for a range of applications, including Transportation, Marine, or Floor Cleaning Machines.

BAttery Quick Facts
Capacity Minutes

@25 Amps / 383 @75 Amps / 105

Capacity Amp-Hours

5-Hr Rate / 175 Ah 10-Hr Rate / 193 Ah 20-Hr Rate / 210 Ah 100-Hr Rate / 232 Ah

Energy (kWh)


Dimensions inches (mm)

Length / 10.30 (262) Width / 7.11 (181) Height / 11.07 (281)

Weight lbs. (kg)

58 (26)

Operating Temperature

-4°F to 113°F (-20°C to +45°C)

Features & Benefits

  • Part of the Signature Line, the flagship Trojan flooded lead-acid batteries
  • Featuring Alpha Plus® paste with T2 Technology for maximum sustained performance, longer life and increased total energy
  • Maxguard T2 advanced separator sustains performance providing exceptionally longer battery life and significantly lowering your operating costs.
  • Manufactured polypropylene rugged case
  • Heat and corrosion resistant
  • HydroLink™ single-point watering system makes maintenance easy and safe
  • Only 5-15% self-discharge per month
  • 4 different terminal types
  • 99% recyclable



Embedded Low Profile Terminal ELPT


Embedded High Profile Terminal EHPT


Embedded Automotive Post Terminal EAPT